Maintenance Schedule

Below is a copy of the ongoing Maintenance Schedule

Flat Smoke Alarms clean and test every 3 yrsDoneDONEDueDueSheet 2
Together with Careline/Cirrus test of all buttons and fobDoneDONEDueDueSheet 2
FRA By Positive Fire Solutions every 2 yearsDoneDoneDONEDUEDUESheet 3
Fire alarm system check monthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlySheet 3
Quarterly check outside pathway & stairwell emergency lights1,2,3,41,2,3,41,2,3,41,2,3,41,2,3,41,2,3,41,2,3,4Sheet 3
Electrical inspection every 5 YearsDoneDoneDueSheet 4
Outside Professional Roof inspection every 5 yearsDoneDoneDueSheet 5
Annual Roof Void InspectionNADoneDoneDueDueDueDueDueDueSheet 5
Service Garage Vent System every 2 yearsDoneDoneBECBECBECBECBECSheet 6
Annual Smoke test of system undertaken by BECBECBECBECBECBECBECBECBECSheet 6
BEC Check ROR garage fire detectors annuallyDoneDoneBECBECBECBECBECBECBECBECSheet 7
EXTRACAIR to service Roof Smoke Extract System every 3 yearsDonePart DoneDoneEXTRACAIREXTRACAIRSheet 8
With inspection of Fans control box switchesDoneDoneEXTRACAIREXTRACAIRSheet 8
Lubrication cleaning & check of motorised dampers & valvesDoneDoneEXTRACAIREXTRACAIRSheet 8
Together with Garage Vent systemDoneEXTRACAIREXTRACAIRSheet 8
Tiles on Roof inspection annually and Lead FlashingDoneDoneWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklySheet 9
Quarterly walk round check all security motion sensor operated floodlightsNot DoneDoneDoneDone1,2,3,41,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,Sheet 10
B Block garage emergency exit stairwell motion sensor operated flood lightNot DoneDoneDoneDone1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,Sheet 10
Lift Maintenance 6 times a year by Total LiftsDone1,2,3,4,5,61,2,3,4,5,61,2,3,4,5,61,2,3,4,5,61,2,3,4,5,61,2,3,4,5,61,2,3,4,5,61,2,3,4,5,61,2,3,4,5,6Sheet 11
Electrical Lighting lamp replacement, sensors etc. as requiredDoneDoneAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqSheet 12
Drains and Gully's Bye Annual service by ADS or as RequiredDoneAs ReqDoneDoneDONEAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqSheet 13
Gutter & Downpipes weekly check & bi annual clearingDoneDONEDoneDONEDONEPart DoneAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqSheet 14
Check Xmas tree Lights and Driveway LightsDoneDoneDoneDoneDONEDueDueDueDueDueDueSheet 15
Blocks Communal areas Check and repair decorating/paintworkAs ReqAs ReqDoneDoneDoneDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 16
As required weekly surveillance
Check and assess Driveway surface/Trees annuallyDoneDoneWeeklyDoneDoneDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 17
Together with all pathways under weekly surveillanceWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklySheet 17
Check condition of Guest suits weeklyDoneweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklySheet 18
Check all electrical appliances & smoke alarms Annually Pat TestNot DoneDoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 18
Check condition of Flat 1 Decoration checkNot DoneNADoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 19
Service gas boiler annually.Not DoneNADoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 19
Ensure inhibitor replaced every 5 yearsNot DoneNADoneNANANANADueNANANASheet 19
Serviceability of washing machine & tumble dryerNot DoneDoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 19
Test/Cooker Hood Extract FanNot DoneNANADoneDoneDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 19
Salon Serviceability & Pat Test / Redecoration checkDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 20
Store Room/ Laundry room serviceability checkNADoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 21
of washing machine & Tumble Dryer Pat TestNADoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 21
Water pipe and drain security.NADoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 21
Atrium Check Kitchen Serviceability of all appliances Pat TestNot DoneDoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 22
Roof Fan and d├ęcor check. AnnuallyNot DoneDoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 22
Main Gate Serviceability twice annually check
Normally done by BECDoneDoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 23
Change Batteries in Sensor Strips on gate annuallyDoneNOWHARDWIREDXXXXSheet 23
Atrium Toilets Appliance Check Pat TestNot DoneDueDoneDoneDoneDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 24
Condition Check Roof FanNot DoneDueDoneDoneDoneDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 24
Fire Safety maintenance AnnuallyDoneDoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 25
Extinguishers AnnuallyDoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 25
Garden Hoses and supply pipes and stop cocksDoneDoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 26
under weekly surveillanceDoneWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklySheet 26
Stop Cock supply pipes to prevent freeze up.DoneDoneDoneDoneDONEPart DoneDueDueDueDueDueSheet 26
Corridor Electric heaters serviceability and checkNot DoneDoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 27
Timers and Thermostat function Pat testNot DoneDoneDoneDoneDONEDONEDueDueDueDueDueSheet 27
Action Alarms Fob Readers at all EntrancesNot DoneAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqSheet 28
Security Cameras/CCTVNot DoneAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqAs ReqSheet 29
Check Lamps for function i.e. Dimming/time daylight + emergencyNANovweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklyweeklySheet 30
Bin Room RoofAugMarch AugMarch AugMarch AugMarch AugMarch AugMarch AugMarch AugMarch AugMarch AugSheet 31
Check of Fire Door closersNot DoneOctApril OctMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyMonthlySheet 32
Emergency Exit Doors open correctlyNot DoneDecDec JuneJune DecJune DecJune DecJune DecJune DecJune DecJune DecJune DecSheet 32
Painting Main Gates and all handrailsDoneDoneAssessAssessAssessAssessAssessAssessAssessAssessSheet 33
Main Access doors to Blocks / Bin Room DoorsNot DoneAssessDoneAssessAssessAssessAssessAssessAssessAssessAssessSheet 33
Water Leaks Check Flats every 2 years Flats 1-42Not DoneDoneDoneDueDueDueSheet 34
Water Leaks Check Flats every 2 years Flats 43-79Not DoneDoneDoneDueDueDueSheet 34
Atrium Roof Skylight Cleaning Every 2 yearsNot DoneDoneDoneDueDueDueSheet 35
UPVC Windows & Doors check serviceability in Common AreasNot DoneNot DoneDoneDoneDONEDueDueDueDueDueDueSheet 36
Charging Points in GaragesSheet 37
Entry Phones problem eventsSheet 38
Flats 43-79 Garage Flood Pump annual Test\Car Park CleaningDoneDONEDueDueDueDueDueDueSheet 39
Careline Emergency entry via key safe and fob test and Main GateWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklyWeeklySheet 40
OfficeSheet 41
General Risk AssessmentDONE2018DUE2020DUE2022DUESheet 42
Asbestos SurveyDONE2018DUE2020DUE2022DUESheet 43