Chartcombe Budget Forecast for 2018-2019

The following letter has been posted to all Shareholders

You will note from the attached Budget Forecast that expenditure for the period 1st October 2018 to 30th September 2019 has increased to £213,732. The service charge contributions are based upon this budget. To cover the increase it is necessary to increase the service charge by 4% (four percent). I remind you that there has been no increase in the service charge for the last two years and the year before was only increased by 1/5% (one and one half percent). This equates to an average of 1.37% per year.

Our Managing Agents advise that Chartcombe’s service charge remains extremely cheap. blocks of similar size charge over £5,000 per year.

The good news is that our capital investment programme is now complete. Section 20 projects over the last four years included;

  • £60, 6091 Lighting update
  • £42,000 Replace carpets
  • £37.984 Service Lifts
  • £29,160 Replace entry phones
  • Total £169,735

Other work included, painting the Atrium, painting the blocks and security update, including new CCTV. This work cost over £13,000. In future years we would only expect to have to increase the service charge by the PCI, that will be the Prevailing Conditions Increase (inflation), adjusted to meet Chartcombe’s unique requirements. Our cash reserves remain sound and I remind you we own flat 1, a very valuable asset.

I remind you that Chartcombe is a service company, like the local council, we are not a manufacturing or trading company, therefore we cannot make a profit. The only way to generate money is by careful expenditure. This is achieved through the combined efforts of our Managing Agents, your Directors and on site management of our own staff, who monitor every penny of expenditure to ensure that, by best business practice, shareholders receive good value for money.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Godfrey – Chairman

Chartcombe Properties Limited.

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