Chartcombe Service Charge

The Board is pleased to announce, that following the preparation of our budget forecast for 2016 / 17, it was agreed that an increase in the annual service charge would not be necessary.

The service charge will remain the same as last year, £2,669 per annum. ( average per flat ).

We still have very strong reserves and our annual expenditure is very well managed, an increase in the service charge will not be needed.

Roy Godfrey Chairman

2 thoughts on “Chartcombe Service Charge”

  1. What does the service charge cover, I look forward to your response.
    I am hoping to move to Poole in the near future.

    Regards Paul Coffey

    1. Dear Mr. Coffey,

      The best people to respond are our managing agents, Burns Property Management. Their phone number is 01202 391663 and the person to speak to is Brian Collins.

      Kind regards,

      Kevin Turner – Manager

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